Winter News

Three posts in one.

We are taking both the Streamliner and the 240Z to the World of Wheels in Milwaukee  Feb 20-22.

In between we are doing two other events:

The first annual “Ride with the Vets” at the . Come out and support our Vets.

and the third year of participating in the Polar Plunge.
The link to my Polar Plunge page is

If you have any desire to help with either of those events let me know. Otherwise see you at the World Of Wheels!

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Hot Rod Cover

Here is the Cover of the January 2014 that contains the article on Streamliners done this year at Speedweek. Get out there and get a copy! Oh yeah perfect timing for the SEMA show tomorrow. Dave Kasper and I are here drumming up support for our record runs next year. Hot Rod cover

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Streamliner in Hot Rod Magazine

This year at Speedweek we were lucky enough to meet Elana Scherr and Brandon Gillogy from Hot Rod magazine while they were on the Salt doing some research for an upcoming article on Streamliners. We were one of the liners that they selected to be featured in their 7 page article. Pretty cool read for all of you with “Salt Fever” and those without. Thanks Elana and Brandon! Next year we plan on making some noise at ECTA at the Hot Rod opening event. The Liner is in the lower left hand corner.liner pic

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Tech with the Streamliner at ECTA

2013-09-28 11.57.13Burton, Beans, Dave, Woody and a guy they call Keith Turk.

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Rebello power does it again at ECTA!

Well we came up just short of 160 MPH at the last event at ECTA breaking the existing record of 100MPH setting a new mark at 158+mph on the last run. Wind and rain 1/2 way down the course may have affected it but the guys at Rebello have proven once again the HP they can make. Thanks Brian Dave and all of the guys at Rebello. Next stop, 200MPH with the new car we will call 2CZ. Build pics this winter to follow.

Woody from Design Dreams giving some last minute thoughts...

Woody from Design Dreams giving some last minute thoughts…


Also Miller Welders, Odyssey batteries, VP fuels made it happen. If it wasn’t for some people helping get ready it couldn’t happen as well. Thanks, Tiff, Dave Kasper, Beans, Bobby (HP), Milan, Arron (Alsaka), Woody, Wally, Kieth. Without your help it cant happen as well.

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